What is Astrology Newsletter, Issue 1

April 21, 2012

Dear Friends,

Thank you very much for subscribing to my newsletter, and here is its very first issue of it. My plan is to send such newsletters around whenever I add something substantial to the lessons or to the website, and I hope to be able to do this about twice a month.

For those who didn't know the previous incarnation of these lessons, the project has started as a part of my Lunarium website. It became however clear to me that the lessons do not actually match the general topic of the website, and so many people who might be interested in the lessons do not manage to find them on the Lunarium. Therefore, I decided to create a new website, What is Astrology, and to move there all the lessons and different other resources that might be useful in the context of the lessons.

How far I am going to go in these lessons? Well, as far as I will manage, as far as your enthusiasm will support me. In the past, I had many years of experience in teaching astrology, from the very basics to some rather advanced topics, like the use of the Prenatal Epoch in rectification :) Please send me your feedback, your questions when you have any, that will help me to keep going, to keep working on the lessons.

What's New: Qualities an Polarities, Dignities and Debilities, Online Horoscope Calculator

After a long delay, I have published my next lesson about Qualities and Polarities in a Horoscope. This is about one of the easy approaches that allow to quickly find out something substantial about a person. You will notice that your friends with a strong Mutable quality are the best source of knowledge about what's going on in the world, the Fixed folks are very persistent in their opinions and will either work very long hours or, with equal devotion, relax and enjoy themselves forever. When you'll want something really happening however, you'll need a Cardinal friend.

It might not work every time, some people will have more or less equally emphasised qualities, but in astrology you need to learn how to use many different tools and to adapt your approach depending on what kind of problem you are trying to solve.

To compensate for your long waiting, I have also published one more new lesson, this one about the Planets' Dignities and Debilities - basically about the way how planets interact with different signs of the zodiac. This is a part of the traditional astrological knowledge, many new schools don't use dignities and debilities. However I believe that dignities and debilities are very important for the understanding of what's going on in a horoscope, especially if you are interested not only in psychological considerations but also in the realities of life.

There is a lot more to say about dignities and debilities than what I managed to squeez into this lesson, but I don't want to overwhelm you and so I will keep the additional details until a later lesson. Have a look at the horoscopes that are used in the lesson, I find the one of Uri Geller especially interesting.

One more valuable addition is the Free Online Horoscope Calculator, courtesy of the Astrotheme.com website. Now I don't need to send you to a different website to calculate a horoscope, you can do it right there, on my website, and I find this calculator much easier to use that those available elsewhere.

You will also notice that I am now displaying the current positions of the planets from Astro.com website. I like them so much that I placed this information on each and every page, but if you find that annoying, or if you'll notice that the pages are loading too slowly, just let me know.

What's Coming: Astrological Houses

In the next lesson, I am planning to make a major step forward and to introduce the astrological houses. You will immediately notice that you can retrieve from a horoscope a lot more information than before, as positions of the planets in the houses link them to the specific areas of life. I hope to cover the whole topic in one lesson, including brief interpretations of the houses, so this is going to be a massive lesson.

Reports Section Updates

We have finally decided on the pricing of the reports that we offer, and we made the price as low as possible. In addition, to celebrate the launch of the newsletter, we are offering a 50% discount for all the orders placed before the 4th of May. This offer is exclusive to the readers of the newsletter, so please mention when placing your order that you've read this :)

If you want to know my favourite report, it's the Solar Return Interpretation. The person who created this report has some really good knowledge on how this kind of horoscopes should be interpreted.

One Last Thing

Some of you might know that I have also started a Numerology School. This might be not extremely wise from the point of view of my busy life, but I couldn't resist the temptation of putting online the contents of my numerology book that was published in Russian, plus create a convenient online numerology calculator. The work on Numerology-School.com is somewhat behind the schedule as I need to translate from Russian massive amounts of text, but tomorrow I am going to publish the first Numerology Newsletter, and in it I am going to write a brief report about my recent research into the numerology of the Presidential Elections in the USA.