Online Horoscope (Natal Chart) Calculator

This generous gift from Astrotheme website allows you to quickly and easily calculate your, or someone else's horoscope. The amount of information offered by this calculator can be overwhelming, but you can start from the main elements and gradually develop your understanding. For a refresher on the basic structure of a horoscope, visit the What is a Horoscope lesson.

To use the calculator:

  1. Enter the date of birth, for a natal chart aka horoscope of birth, or the date of the event for any other kind of horoscope.
  2. Enter the time of birth or of the event. The more precisely you know the time the better. If you know it approximately, use some reasonable approximation. Only tick the Time Unknown box if you really have no idea about the time. In that case you will het a cosmogram, or a horoscope without houses.
  3. Start typing in the Sity of Birth field and you will see a list of suggestions. I love this feature!
  4. When the chart is ready, click on the planets, signs and other elements to see an exhaustive description of that element. Not all of them are covered in the lessons right now but more lessons are coming!
  5. If you want to calculate another chart, simply reload the web page in your browser.

Current Planetary Positions

Another great service from Astrotheme, convenient for those who needs to check what are the current positions of the planets.

Except for Chiron and Lilith, which won't be introduced until later in the lessons, everything should be more or less familiar to you. if it isn't, review the Planets in Astrology lesson.

The mirrored R symbol is used by Astrotheme to indicate that the planet is retrograde at the moment. I have an article explaining what is the retrograde motion of planets in detail.