Astrological Symbols

Here you will find various signs and symbols that are used in horoscopes and astrological literature. I will keep adding symbols as the lessons progress, so come here often to refresh your memory and check if there is something new for you to learn. Some symbols have more than one version, and I will try to show you as many as I know.

Astrological Symbols for the Planets

Symbol for the Sun The Sun Mars Symbol Mars Neptune Symbol Neptune
Symbol for the Moon The Moon Jupiter Symbol Jupiter Pluto SymbolPluto Alternative Symbol Pluto
Mercury Symbol Mercury Saturn Symbol Saturn North Node Symbol North Node
Venus Symbol Venus Uranus SymbolAlternative Symbol for Uranus Uranus South Node Symbol South Node

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Astrological Symbols for the Signs of the Zodiac

Symbol for Aries Aries Symbol for Leo Leo Symbol for Sagittarius Sagittarius
Symbol for Taurus Taurus Symbol for Virgo Virgo Symbol for CapricornAlternative Symbol for CapricornAnother Alternative Symbol for Capricorn Capricorn
Symbol for Gemini Gemini Symbol for Libra Libra Symbol for Aquarius Aquarius
Symbol for Cancer Cancer Symbol for Scorpio Scorpio Symbol for Pisces Pisces

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