Astrology Reports

About the Reports

On this page, I will provide you with a number of good quality computer-generated reports. I am not really a great fan of these kinds of reports, because none of them are able to replace a real astrological consultation. However, they do have certain benefits.

A good report offers an experienced astrologer’s opinion on specific configurations in the chart. It doesn't go further than that, though. For example, a computer-generated report won't notice that a specific theme is repeated again and again and is therefore very important. Nevertheless, such a report can be an excellent tool when it comes to learning astrology. When reading these types of reports, you will begin to notice that it repeats the same basic information using different phrasing and terminology, and that's something to pay attention to.

Additionally, when interpreting a chart, we can all become momentarily puzzled if we’re unable to figure out what a specific unusual combination of factors could mean. A computer-generated report could be very helpful in these circumstances — it might not give you a perfect solution, but it will give you a starting point, with which you can agree OR disagree.

Here is what we offer for now:

Report Price, $US

Natal Interpretation

This is a detailed description of the birth chart, also known as natal horoscope. It shows the character and the general potential of the person.

So that you can get a better idea of the level of detail and the quality of text, we have prepared an example Natal Interpretation for Madonna.


Child Horoscope

A very special report that will be invaluable for every parent. Personality traits, early personality development, nurturing intellectual and physical health and development, embracing emotional drives and needs, and so on.

We have created an example report for Princess Diana entailing information that could have written about her when she was a child.


Body and Soul

A health-oriented report. Suggests possible weak spots (I found in a number of cases that this report can be very precise regarding potential weaknesses), as well as various natural remedies, and gives dietary recommendations.

This example report was created for Van Gogh.


Synastry Horoscope

This is an example of a traditional approach towards evaluating the potential of a relationship: planets and houses of one person are compared to planets and houses of the other person, and any existing aspects are taken into consideration.

For an example report, we have imagined a potential relationship between Charles Dickens and Judy Garland. And it looks like they could do very well together.


Relationship Chart Interpretation

This is a new but very popular and revealing approach to evaluating the potential of a relationship. The idea is that a birth chart is calculated for a middle point in time and space between the moments of birth and the places of birth of the partners. With the report, you will receive an introduction with explanation of the method.

The example report is for a fantasy relationship between Marilyn Monroe and Pablo Picasso.


Composite Interpretation

Yet another non-traditional but very popular approach to finding out the potential of two people's relationships. In fact, this approach can be used for more than two people, and could be used for the whole family for example, but this specific report is for two people only. The technique is as follows: birth charts for two partners are calculated, and then a synthetic chart is constructed with each planet being the midpoint between the respective planets of the partners. You will receive an introduction with explanation of the method.

Here is an example created for yet another fantasy partnership, between Muhammad Ali and Madonna. Looks like a relationship between them could be quite intense.


Solar Return Interpretation

Solar Return makes an ideal birthday present. This is a traditional method of prognosis that allows for the estimation of the potential of one year of life, from one birthday to the next. So when ordering this report, please specify for which year you want it. I created such a report for myself, and quite uncannily it describes everything I am planning for the next year!

For an example, please see this report for Robert De Niro, created for the year when he received the Academy Award.


Transits Interpretation

This is a traditional kind of report that describes planetary influences during one year of life. When ordering, please specify the start date.

Here is another example for Robert De Niro, for the year 1980.


What These Reports Include

I am offering reports developed by Time Cycles Research. I like them better than many other computer-generated reports and often find them insightful. I have used their charts for my friends and relatives.

The pricing of reports is flexible. If you order more than one report, then for each additional report you get a 5% discount from the total cost of the order, up to 50%.

With each report, you will receive a chart appropriate for this type of report, and there are several different designs, so you can choose which one you prefer.

The reports and the charts are delivered by email as PDF files. I also offer an opportunity for you to ask a question if something is not clear. You can email your questions to

Required Information

For each person in the order please provide the following information:

  • Name: It is necessary to identify the report with someone. Any name will do.
  • Date of birth: Please spell the month fully, as in 12 September 1980 or March 6, 1975. Since date formats vary from country to country, if you send us something like this: 3/5/70, we have no way of knowing whether this is the 5th of March (US date format) or the 3rd of May (European date format).
  • Time of birth: As always in astrology, the time of birth should be as precise as possible.
  • Place of birth: If it's a small place, please provide sufficient details so that we can find it on a map.

How to Order

To order one or more of the reports, please send an email to listing the reports you want to order, the versions of charts you want to go with them and all the required information. If necessary, my assistant will contact you for any additional information, and if everything is all right, you will receive a PayPal invoice for the sum of the order. You will be able to pay it using either PayPal or a credit or debit card. Once payment is approved, you will very soon receive your order.