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iLuna for iPhone and Android

iLuna running on iPhone

iLuna is my very first, and so far most successful iPhone app. iLuna for Android is also available, it has a somewhat different user interface but pretty much the same functionality.

iLuna displays the Moon's phase, the Sign of the Zodiac the Moon is in and Moon void-of-course periods. The app is self-sufficient, it doesn't require an Internet connection.

App Store Badge - Moon Sign

There are three different views. The Now view which you see on the screenshot shows the snapshot of information for the current moment and allows you to navigate backwards and forwards to see how the information changes in time.

The Day view shows how the information changes within a specific day, while the Month you displays a calendar. You can tap on any day in the calendar, and that day will be displayed in the Day view.

iLuna uses the time zone setting of the device, so it doesn't require any manual settings and automatically adjusts to your current location.

You can see more screenshots on the iLuna page at the Lunarium website.

I am working on a new version of iLuna which will be a universal iPhone/iPad app. Updates for iLuna for Android are also in the pipeline.


Moon Sign for iPhone (Free)

Moon Sign App Running on iPhone

The free Moon Sign app was designed for those who has a superficial familiarity with astrology and maybe only knows his or her "star sign" (which actually should be named Sun Sign). Moon Sign app allows the user to quickly and easily discover another very important facet of his or her astrological portrait: the Moon Sign. The Moon Sign can be in certain cases more important and meaningful than the Sign Sign, but to calculate it some rather complex astronomical algorithms should be used, so it isn't sufficient to just know your birth date to figure out your Moon Sign, like it is possible for the Sun Sign.

App Store Badge - Moon Sign

The Moon Sign is especially important for women, children and also it is closely related to health in general and digestion in particular. So when using a basic astrology for choosing a diet or a healing approach, it would be very wise to consider the Moon Sign.

I began popularizing the idea of the Moon Sign several years ago, and now my online Moon Sign calculator is a popular feature visited by thousands of people daily.

The Moon Sign app brings the Moon Sign calculation literally under your fingertips. The app doesn't need connection to the Internet and maintains a database of people for whom you already calculated the Moon Sign. It also offers my interpretations for each Moon Sign.

Five Signs for iPhone

Five Signs running on iPhone

Five Signs continues the theme of the Moon Sign app and adds to it a lot of extras. First, it introduces the idea of three more Signs. For those who are already aware of both their Sun Sign and Moon Sign, it might be quite natural (or at least I believe so) to continue the discovery of their proper astrological profile and learn about the Mercury Sign (it shows how the person thinks, learns and handles information), Venus Sign (what the person likes or dislikes, what are his or her values) and Mars Sign (how the person works and fights, the level of sexual energy).

App Store Badge - Five Signs

The latest version of Five Signs adds a number of new features.

First, there is a balance of the Elements - although based on five planets only, it shows the kind of temperament peculiar to the person. Read the lesson about the Elements and their balance to better understand this feature.

Also, now it is possible to view a report that brings together the descriptions of the Five Signs, plus the balance of the Elements, and can be easily emailed.

There is a new experimental comparison feature that finds a match between two people's Five Signs, when such a match exists, and gives an interpretation for it. A very simple algorithm is used here, it doesn't take into account all possible kinds of connections between people and only picks a few, but I still believe that this approach has its value.

An even more experimental feature is Facebook integration. You can see at a glance Five Signs for your friends (provided they have the birth date in their profiles), and compare their data with yours or someone else's. I am still figuring out how to implement this feature in the most efficient way, so this is a work in progress.

Finally, there is a brief information that explains how the app works. I am planning to gradually add this kind of guides to all of my apps.